TranquiliCity: The instant locator for refuge, relaxation and renewal in NYC.
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Allan Isac LLC
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The TranquiliCity™ App for the iPhone uses GPS guidance to pinpoint the way to carefully selected serene parks, soothing day spas, quiet meditation spots, rejuvenating yoga studios, waterfront retreats, and secret sanctuaries in New York City.

Created by Allan Ishac, bestselling author of New York’s 50 Best Places to Find Peace and Quiet, TranquiliCity is the ideal application for native New Yorkers, savvy tourists, the stressed out and the tensed up, anyone looking for a calming counterpoint to a fast moving city. This version includes more than 100 sanity-restoring entries in Manhattan and the five boroughs—with distances, directions, descriptions and photographs—all within minutes of home, hotel or office.

Always there when you need it, Allan Ishac’s TranquiliCity is the first application to offer you on-the-go renewal instantly. Put a little peace in your pocket with the first and only application to reveal the soothing side of the world’s greatest city.

Give city stress a rest for $.99

TranquiliCity iPhone App
  Give city stress a rest for $.99.
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